What Is Land Clearing?

Whenever there is something new that needs to be built in someone’s property whether it is a house, a mall, or other infrastructure, land clearing is an essential part of site preparation. It is important for the land to be cleared first before something new starts being constructed there because it helps remove obstacles and other things that hinder professionals from completing their construction projects. Land clearing is the process of removing unnecessary things and garbage in someone’s property such as stones, rocks, dead trees and stumps, stump grinding, and etc. It is important for the usability of the land and for safety purposes too.

These are the following techniques used for land clearing:

  • Piling and burning

This technique piles up the mess that you can gather on the property and burning it after. This is a traditional and old technique but an effective way of clearing lands.

  • Pushover

This method pushes brushes and even trees over while their roots are intact to remove them from their place. 

  • Pulling

Like its name, pulling is done by attaching chains to what is being eliminated and to the tractor and then pull it away to move it.

  • Cut and grind

If your property has a smaller number of trees, this is the best option for you. This method removes brush and weeds and then cuts down trees to clear the land. Stumps are removed in different ways depending on the company you hired for the land clearing service.

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