Methods of Land Clearing – Best Ways to Clear Your Property

Land clearing is an essential part of building residential and commercial projects. It is important that before a structural or agricultural plan is started, the land is already prepared which can only be done through clearing the land. This method helps keep the site safe to work at and prevents people on site from being harmed in case there were any possible threats lingering before the land was cleared. The land clearing process is a helpful method in clearing undeveloped land which helps property owners in making the land usable again in case they want to begin using their property. There are a lot of reasons why land clearing is important. Aside from it prepares the land to be reused again, it also helps prevents hazards and keep the property safe by preventing wildfires from spreading and eliminating insects and pests that started to inhabit your land. It also of course improves the aesthetic appeal of the property because it cleans the land. Clearing the land before starting a commercial or residential project helps provide a safe ground for the workers when they are building the project and also helps in improving the soil of the ground.

There are different techniques and methods used for land clearing. You might be already familiar with some of these methods, but here are the following techniques used for the land clearing process:

  • Cutting and grinding

The cut and grind technique has two methods. It is ideal for lands and properties that have a smaller number of trees. Big machinery and a lot of tools are used to perform this technique. The first thing they would do is remove and eliminate brush and weeds. After that, big machinery is used to take down trees and piling them afterward. The tree stumps that were left can be eliminated by using different equipment or can also be mulched and spread across the property to improve its soil.

  • Pushover

Like its name, pushover land clearing pushes over trees with their roots intact but brush and weeds must be eliminated using another technique. You should ask your land clearing company first about the negative effects of this technique on your property as it may not be for you since bulldozing may decrease the value of your wood. Make sure to ask them about how the pushover technique can negatively impact your property.

  • Pullover technique

This technique uses huge chains and tractors that are necessary for this technique to be done. The chains are attached to both the tractor and what is being disposed of before pulling it away. It is important that the chains and tractors used are appropriate for the size and weight of the matter.

  • Piling and burning

It’s already obvious what this technique does just by its name. This method clears out the land by piling the materials to gather them before burning them. This is one of the oldest and traditional ways of land clearing.

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